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Frequently asked questions

Which pre-rolls are available to order?

Pretty much anything uploaded by @preroller on is available to custom order. Just send us a message if you don't see the pre-roll you'd like to order in the shop.

Can I use my own logo or font?

Sure! Just attach it to an email and send it over to us after placing your order. We can't guarantee your font or logo will work perfectly with each pre-roll but we'll do our best. Logos should be transparent png files with a high resolution and fonts should be free for us to download.

Do you accept commissions for custom pre-rolls?

Occasionally. It mainly depends on our current workloads and if we already have the resources to match your design. It doesn't hurt to ask though!

Why does my order ask for a shipping address?

All products are delivered digitally but our order system classifies them as physical products. The system will ask for your shipping address but you can input whatever information you'd like in these fields since we ignore them.

Can I pay in crypto?

Sure! Send us an email and we'll create a custom invoice so you can pay with a variety of currencies from our crypto provider.

Do you animate everything from scratch?

Occasionally! Animation is ridiculously time consuming, however. We pay subscription fees that provide us with access to thousands of stock resources that we typically use to build customized templates. In return, we're able to provide the community with high quality pre-rolls at an affordable cost.

Don't get it twisted though. We take a lot of pride in our work and still put in a ton of time perfecting the visual and audio designs for every pre-roll we create.

Why can't I buy the After Effects project files?

As mentioned above, we pay licensing fees to use stock assets in our work. We're allowed to share the derivative of our work (the rendered video) but the license does not allow sharing of the stock assets themselves.

Still have questions?

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